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Testimonials on VestFriend Body Armor

Would you like your testimonial or review on the Vestfriend line of vests posted to our site? Please email to [email protected] and in the subject line please put: "use my testimonial".

Ordering was incredibly fast and friendly. Got my vest in 3 days, just in time for another sketchy site. I feel much better wearing it. Fits perfectly, looks professional and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
~ Drew Dickens ~

Just got the vest, looks and feels great. It feels breathable and cool even under a dress shirt and jacket. Flexibility great and test panel did well against spike and sharps alike. Thank you for making such a great product.

~ Tony Dong ~

This morning I received my vest from Vestfriend. I had taken out of the box and inspected the construction, sewing and the materials used in the production of this vest. I was very impressed with the workmanship and the materials used in this product.

I put the vest on and found it to fit my frame like a glove. To test it I crawled through my crawl space attic and under stairs and through tight openings such as basement cupboards, closets and under sinks. I took it for a ride for about twenty minutes and have walked around in it all day. This vest does not allow me to overheat like Kevlar does.

Next I went over to a friendís place where I asked him to hit me with hammer and a 2X4 while wearing the product. Very little impact was felt and I managed to get back to my feet with very little effort. This has to be one of the finest vests that I have had the privilege to own and wear. It is comfortable to wear and very easy to move in. I contribute the lack of felt impact due to the flexibility of the material used in the construction of this garment.

I have no problem in recommending this vest to any security individual or company that really cares about their staffs' well-being. The best thing about this product is its price. I will however require a new carrier shortly as I have ripped it during my test time. I will be ordering more product from Vestfriend in the future. I very much like to support Canadian companys, especially ones such as Vestfriend.

In conclusion I can find nothing adverse about this product, in construction, materials or fit. Again, I highly recommend this vest to anyone who can legally own one.


~ Kris Carter ~

Dear VestFriend,

I would like to share an experience with you, that had it not been for the VestFriend I might not have the liberty to tell you today. In 2002 I bought my first vest from you. At the time I was working for a security company in Winnipeg. We were responsible for the security of Manitoba Housing and various other sites and alarm contracts.

On the night of Friday December 27 2002 I responded to a domestic dispute call, at 03:15 hours we arrived on site and could hear the sounds of fighting 12 floors above us. We made our way up the building and as we approached the suite the fighting sounded like it was getting worse. We banged on the door and no one answered, the fighting had gone quiet. We banged on the door again, again no response. We radioed dispatch for permission to enter suite, access was granted. Once inside we found the suite destroyed. A hall table was smashed, pictures and ornaments were thrown about and what looked to be a midnight snack of spaghetti was decorating the walls! We came around a corner into the living room to find the two parties who were fighting to be hostile and badly injured. The male was suffering from lacerations to the torso and back and the female suffered multiple blunt object blows to the face and torso.

We quickly separated the pair and each began taking statements from the pair. I could hear in the other room the conversation between the male and my partner began to get out of control. I excused myself to the female party as I went to check on my partner. When I entered the room I could see my partner had positioned himself behind the male and was attempting to handcuff him.

I began to assist him in doing so when I felt a strong, solid pressure on the lower right side of my back. I peered over my shoulder to find the woman I was helping had grabbed a 12Ē kitchen knife and was attempting to stab me with a downward thrusting motion. I was able to disarm and restrain her, this however was all thanks to the incredible protection I received from my VestFriend.

Had I not been wearing my vest that night I may have never had the chance to thank you for such a fantastic product. I hope you will continue to provide the needed outstanding protection for my fellow Law Enforcement Officers and Security Guards all over the world. I am forever grateful for your contribution to protection.


~ Wayne Higham ~

The vest got here today and I am blown away. Amazing quality, 10 X better than what I expected. Thanks for the great customer service.

~ David Robertson ~

When I received my vest, the first thing I noticed how light it was, next was the quality. This is a well tailored vest that has clearly had a lot of thought put into its design. It fits perfectly, as though custom tailored.

I have been wearing my vest daily since I got it, and Iím very impressed with its low profile. I am able to throw on my uniform shirt over top, and itís virtually invisible. The plate design is rigid, and although semi-constrictive, it is not restrictive, allowing for ample freedom of movement for high active positions. I work event security, and I often need to ďswimĒ through crowds of patrons quickly. This vest posts no challenges in this regard.

I would recommend wearing a well fitted sports wicking undershirt under the vest, as cotton based seems to be too hot and quickly causes discomfort.

All in all, this is a fantastic vest, with an amazing price point and second to none customer service. I recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality, affordable complete stab vest, or anyone looking for a high quality carrier, alike.

~ Troy Miles ~

The VFEX duty vest is amazing. The size is perfect for me and I have worn it for at least 4 days since purchasing it. The side protection is great and the built in mic clip and Velcro patch are great. I use the duty pockets for my Kevlar gloves and small duty equipment. This vest saved my life last week when I got onto an altercation with an individual extremely high on drugs in an area I patrol that is underground and has no cell coverage.

Thanks, I have recommended you to other security officers who ask about my vest.

~ Brady Hanna ~

Wow! Way more vest than I thought I was buying. Excellent quality, perfect fit, functional, I canít say enough about it. Please feel free to use me as a reference. The pictures on your site donít do the vest justice. I am way more satisfied, plus itís cool looking, not goofy like a lot of the vests out there. I will definitely be passing the word to all of my colleagues and encouraging them to buy VestFriend. Also, incredibly fast service. Thanks again,

~ Jess McNeill ~

So itís been a couple weeks now that Iíve received my VestFriend. I wanted to let you know that I gave the test plate a pounding with everything I could find. My bats, knives, hatchet, mag lights and even my cuffs. Nothing went through, I was very pleased to see that for myself. Iíve had the priveledge to wear the vest at the club I work at in the heart of Toronto. Let me tell you this vest saw itís share of action. I have no regrets about the vest and Iím sure it will help as a last line of defense against the unknown. Glad to have met you and your brand. I wish your company grows in assisting others. All the best,

~ Nima Lari ~

I own one of your vests, it has saved my skin many times.

~ Avie Erdile ~

I received the vest yesterday and it is beyond what I had hoped. Thank you very much for your help with this purchase as well as the absolutely amazing customer service. I will be encouraging any other guard to purchase from you. Thank you for everything, all the best.

~ Paul Nicholson ~

I do security and one of my colleagues says the best thing to do is get one of your stab vests. He owns one and itís fantastic saved him 3 times. I have heard nothing but good things about your product.

~ Michael Veller ~

I received my vest today and it fits perfectly. Itís very comfortable and adjustable and I love the design. I also wanted to take the time to thank you again, I am extremely satisfied with the service I had received from you and your company, the communication was fast and friendly, as well as professional. I would be more than willing to do business with your company again in the future, and my coworkers will definitely be hearing about your services. Thank you again!

~ Adrian B ~


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